Why does the car pull to the left or right when you release the steering wheel

It is not uncommon for drivers to face the fact that the car does not want to drive in a straight line if it is not constantly monitored. It is worth releasing the steering wheel for a second and the car begins to pull to the left or right from the trajectory that was before.

If you are faced with a similar problem, then this article should help you. Here we will look at the main reasons that can lead to this behavior of the car, and also talk about how you can fix it.

First, let's list the main reasons why the car can pull left or right when the driver releases the steering wheel.

  • tire problems;
  • incorrectly installed directional wheels;
  • worn steering tips or broken steering rods;
  • wheel bearing wear;
  • disturbed wheel alignment;

And so, let's start as expected with what you can check and correct with your own hands. Namely, from the tires. To diagnose such a problem, you need to swap the wheels. Put the front ones back, and the rear ones, respectively, forward. If the situation has improved, you should put the spare wheel on the side in which the car is leading. If the problem is gone, then it remains, only to change one wheel into working rubber.

If you have directional wheels, make sure the arrows point in the correct direction. If the direction is correct, then it is necessary to check the wheel alignment. Alas, for this you have to go to the service station, since such a procedure is not performed in a regular garage. Often, it is the violation of the correct camber and toe-in angles that cause the car's obstinacy on the road. In addition, the stability of the machine decreases, tire wear increases and other unpleasant phenomena may appear. If everything is in order with this parameter, then the reasons should be looked deeper.

Worn steering tips or broken steering rods can also cause the car to pull to the right or left while driving. In principle, you can check these elements in your own garage, especially if it is equipped with an inspection pit. But if you do not know how to determine the malfunctions of the steering system for sure, contact the specialists better, especially since you are unlikely to be able to replace them yourself. Therefore, consult a professional for diagnosis of the steering system.

Malfunctions in the hub, especially wheel bearing wear, can just as easily cause the vehicle to drift off the correct path. Actually, the wear of the hub bearing is well audible by the characteristic knocking, crunching and grinding in the area of ​​the wheel on which the wheel bearing is worn out. As a result of this wear, the smoothness of the wheel rotation is significantly impaired. That can not but affect the trajectory of the car. A wheel bearing should be changed not just in a car repair shop, but in a car repair shop, the quality of which you completely trust. This is not an easy task and even the slightest mistakes can cause very fast wheel bearing wear. Therefore, a really conscientious and experienced specialist should change it.

Other reasons

So we have listed the main reasons that can cause the car to move to the right or left. But these are only the most common reasons. And meanwhile, although much less often, pads that have not fully departed from the brake disc can lead to similar difficulties. The wheel again wedges slightly, slows down, which causes deviations from the straight line along which the car is moving. In severe cases of road traffic accidents, suspension arms and even body elements can be bent. In such situations, it is not surprising that the car pulls to the right or left. And it is extremely difficult to fix anything here.

Well, if the left-hand drive car moves slightly to the right, and the right-hand drive, respectively, to the left, then this may be a normal power steering setting. For safety reasons, car manufacturers provide for a smooth withdrawal of the car from the oncoming traffic lane if you suddenly fall asleep, or you feel bad. But such a deviation is not pronounced, and besides, it does not appear immediately. Damage to the power steering itself, and especially to the electric power steering, as well as other steering elements, can cause the car to deviate from a straight line when you have little control of the steering wheel.

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Should I be worried

Can I drive a car that swings to the side when the steering wheel is released? On the one hand, there seems to be nothing terrible, but on the other hand, malfunctions that cause the car to deviate to the left or right can seriously interfere with you in some difficult or even extreme situation. Therefore, if a similar problem is found, it is better not to delay a visit to a specialist.