Car sharing: what is it

The development of the service sector does not stand still. Car ownership is becoming less and less relevant. At the same time, the standard car rental system is on the back burner. A new service has appeared in large cities that allows you to enjoy travel by car and save money. Car sharing, or short-term rental. In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the new system. So what is car sharing?

What is car sharing and how it works

Car sharing is a short-term car rental. The client receives a car for use for several hours. Payment is made after calculating the time spent driving. The machine may be owned by the company providing it or by third parties.

Before using the service, you must conclude an agreement with the company. The driver's history is checked for serious offenses. The company's employees analyze the driving style and calculate the down payment. In an unfavorable combination of circumstances, the money will be used to cover losses.

The prospective driver receives a special card with which the rented cars will be opened. To access the salon, you need to book a car and come to a special parking lot.

How is car sharing different from renting a car?

Economy and convenience are key aspects. Car-sharing companies distribute cars in parking lots within the city. The distance between the points is calculated in such a way that a person can overcome it on foot. The presence of numerous parking lots allows you to pay only for the road.

Compared to car rental, when a car is provided for at least a day, the advantages are obvious. If you need to make a trip lasting a couple of hours, you can save a lot of money. The presence of a network of parking lots and catalogs allows you to choose from a long list of cars.

In the future, the process of renting cars for short-term lease will be fully robotized. Thanks to this approach, a person will be able to take a car at any time. However, it should be remembered that the required car brand may not be in the nearest parking lots. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to monitor changes in directories.

Pros and cons of car sharing

Car sharing has a number of pros and cons that should also be considered. The pluses include:

  • Saving time and money.
  • Ability to quickly access the machine.
  • Fully serviceable and clean cars.

There are also disadvantages to the new service. The most important of these is the low popularity of car sharing. At the moment, short-term car rentals are only available in major cities. Over time, the problem will be resolved. But now residents of most cities are deprived of the opportunity to use this service. In addition, the disadvantages are:

  • Small selection of cars.
  • Distance between parking lots and their location.

Not having the required machine can also be a problem. However, when car sharing spreads and becomes a fashionable trend, this aspect will not be so critical. The number of cars directly depends on the popularity of the service.


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How much does car sharing cost

In most companies, the cost of the service is about the same. From 6 to 10 rubles per minute of travel. In case of idle time, a fee of one and a half rubles is charged. Amounts may vary depending on the company and region. Considering the quality and condition of the cars provided, the offer looks attractive.

Why rent a car for a day when you can use carsharing for a total duration of less than an hour? In this case, the car will stand still part of the time. Thanks to this approach, it will be possible to save a large amount. Compared to keeping a personal car, the difference will be even more noticeable.

The initial payment that the client pays is calculated based on the situation. It is impossible to give an objective assessment of this column of expenses. Driving experience and style are different for all people.

Types of car sharing

Depending on the mentality of customers and market requirements in different countries, the service is slightly modified. There are three types of car sharing. The most widespread in Russia and Ukraine are the first two.

One-way carsharing

Short-term rental of cars that are owned by the company. The user gets the opportunity to book a car and drive it out of the parking lot. You can park your car in the following designated place. The rules are classic, payment is made by minutes or depending on the distance.

The difference from other types of car sharing is that the car is owned by the company. Thanks to this approach, the client can be sure of a good technical condition and the absence of any problems.

Peer-to-peer carsharing

Terms of use are similar to the first type, but the car is privately owned by the people who rent it. It is also possible that the equipment belongs to companies that provide it to car-sharing services. This system of work allows us to offer more variety. The cost range is expanding due to the lack of a single base.

Fractional carsharing

Fractional ownership or joint purchase. People are united on territorial or any other basis. The purchase and maintenance of the car is carried out by the drivers. In comparison with the types of car sharing presented above, new problems appear. However, this is offset by even greater savings. This type of car sharing is most widespread in America and Germany.

How to use car sharing

First of all, you need to conclude an agreement with a company that provides such services. Conditions may vary slightly depending on the region. The standard scheme is the issuance of an electronic card to a potential driver, through which the car is activated and parked.

When all the problems related to paperwork have been resolved, you can proceed to booking. Most of the services provide customers with approximately 20 free minutes. After 20 minutes, a service fee is charged in accordance with the tariff.

When the car is no longer needed, it should be parked in the designated area. An important aspect is the notification of the system about the end of the lease. Currently, this is done through operators, applications and sites.

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The future of the industry

The car-sharing network is actively developing and soon everyone will be able to get a car for short-term rent. Car sharing can become a serious alternative to public transport. The individual gains the advantages of owning a private car, but avoids the disadvantages of such a solution.

Also, car sharing is beneficial from an environmental point of view. One car of the car-sharing service replaces from 5 to 20 cars, depending on the popularity of the service. This reduces the amount of harmful emissions and the load on the roads.

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